Phuket Beach & Island Weddings

Individual opinions differ when expressing ideas on the perfect wedding, but here on Phuket we can boast natural settings unlike anywhere else around the world. If your special day features tropical waters and bare feet on white sand as you and your partner betroth to one another, while the sun slowly sets on the horizon, then Coral Seekers is your choice of bespoke wedding planners on Phuket. Choose from one of our all-inclusive wedding packages or have one tailor-made especially for you. Additionally, we are Phuket’s premier legal wedding provider should you require your wedding to be officially recognised and endorsed on the beach of your choice.

Relax . . . Let us Plan Your Special Day

Our aim is to take your dream wedding and make it a reality by providing an end-to-end service covering every organizational detail leading up to, and especially your wedding day. We absorb all of the stress and effort normally associated with the planning and coordination of a wedding ceremony.

With more than 15 years experience in conducting beach and island weddings on Phuket, Coral Seekers has an intimate knowledge of all the locations and practical considerations for planning such a special occasion.

As might be expected, there is a lot more to organizing a beach wedding. Location, aspect, tides, permissions (to use certain beaches), coordination of resources, a celebrant, transportation, catering, set-up, photography — not to mention contingency planning for nature’s moods . . . the list of considerations is extensive! However, the attention to detail that comes from years of experience is what sets Coral Seekers apart in the smooth management of your wedding ceremony.

Beach Weddings Tailored to Your Imagination

We have provided our services to couples from all over the world, so are at ease with understanding and delivering a wedding in accordance with different cultural customs and wishes.

We can provide complete wedding packages, which with our experience, we will ensure all the details are taken care of. Alternatively, you can choose a more customized experience, providing as little or as much input into the planning as you like to place your individual mark on this unique day.

Our goal is simple: to provide a singular service that removes all of the stress and effort involved in trying to draw together all the pieces that go into creating a magical and memorable day that will be treasured always.

All-Inclusive Wedding Packages

Beach Wedding on Phuket

Beach/Island Wedding Package: Weddings
from THB 52,500

Beach Wedding at Khao Lak

Beach/Island Wedding Package: Weddings
from THB 57,500

Weddings on Kai Nok, Kai Nui or Bon Islands

Beach/Island Wedding Package: Weddings

Beach Wedding on Phi Phi Island

Beach/Island Wedding Package: Weddings
from THB 102,000